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Why have me over to inspire your teams and audiences at events? Because I don’t  speak from theory. My slides (if I use any) only have 1 word on them.

The impact of my sessions is that I show and proof how to manage and influence culture, transformation. How to bring purpose to brands, against all odds, in complex industries with high resistance to change, which is how many people describe their companies. My own personal journey is what makes it inspiring and believable.  If I made it, any one can do it. 

The intention is to have everyone leave the room with the realisation that everyone, no matter what position or level in the company can find meaning in what they do everyday and affect change. More importantly, that they really feel moved to act upon it.

As example of a Brand/Marketing talk we look at “From Storytelling to Story-doing”, providing inspiration to brand and marketing teams on how to go from empty telling to doing something meaningful with your brand, from the core of the business and how that actually leads to better results.

Within the Leadership/Management arena I focus on “Intrapreneurship and How to make a difference”. Big corporations can be a phenomenal platform to do good, create impact and generate change. Can you as single, small individual make a difference in such a big complex environment? Absolutely yes, no matter at what level we are in the organization. How?

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